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The Wine Crane of Oestrich: Where the Wine went on a Journey

… of the wine crane of Oestrich-Winkel was based onto a 2000 years old technique, used already by the Romans on their construction sites: Two enormous milling wheels were set in motion by two laborers who tread…


Kupferberg-Museum in Mainz: The multi-layered pleasure of Champagne

… part from the Middle Ages, remnants found by archeologists, however, date all the way back to Roman times such as wine amphoras, wine jugs and bowls, the oldest of which were 2000 years old.It was the…


Pfedelbach: Princes' Barrel and Master's Wine Press

… Path reminds of the old locations.The stones remind of a viticulture 2000 years old, since the Romans are said to have brought the cultivation of grapevines to the region. The wine community of Pfedelbach…


Wine Estate Burg Hornberg: Götz von Berlichingen and the second oldest Wine Estate in the World

… „Untere Au“ and on the Stockbronner farm, which also belonged to the castle's properties, in 1893 two Roman Villae Rusticae were discovered. The strikingly high amount of broken fragments of ceramic vessels,…


Königin bis zum Morgengrauen

…igin bis zum MorgengrauenIm Jahr 2014 stellte Autor Paul Grote in Würzburg seinen neuesten Weinkriminalroman „Königin bis zum Morgengrauen“ vor. Grote hat im vorherigen Jahr die Residenzstadt Würzburg und…


Wo König Riesling Hof hält

… proträtiert. Unter den Quereinsteigern finden sich Günther Jauch (Weingut Von Othegraven/Kanzem), Roman Niewodniczanski (Weingut Van Volxem/Wiltingen), Jochen Siemens (Herrenberg/Serrig) und Hans Maret…