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The Open-Air Museum of Bad Sobernheim: The living history of viticulture

… the highest quantities of wines in Germany. Thus, viticulture and its historical culture are an important theme in the museum – presented as living history.Several old wine grower's houses, stemming from…


Wine City of Deidesheim: The Cradle of German Quality Wines

… also became famous as wine politicians: His grandson Ludwig Bassermann-Jordan took an important part in the reshaping of the German wine law in 1909 and was one of the founders of the…


The Monastery of Eberbach: Where the Monks made the Wine

… grapevines with them.  The Monastery of Eberbach soon grew to be one of the biggest and most important cloisters in Germany, also thanks to its wine. The grape variety of Pinot Noir, imported from…


Vineyard Site Liebfrauenstift: As far as the Tower's Shadow reaches

… wine that came along with it started its victory around the world.Englandalso used to be the most important export partner for the winemakers in Worms, especially for the wine company J.P. Valckenberg…