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Das Weinjahr 2014 im Blick

… Hamburg: 01.09. Stockholm: September- New York:  Abendevent und Seminar für Importeure- Toronto: Präsentation im Rahmen der 31 days of RieslingT H E M E N S C H W E R P U N K T E…


ProWein 2014: DWI zieht positive Bilanz

… und Informationsangebot des DWI.Winzerinnen und Winzer, Food & Beverage Manager, Exporteure, Importeure, Händler, aus- und inländische Journalisten, Blogger und Weindozenten, aber auch Entscheider aus…


The “Wine Island” of Reichenau: Germany’s Southernmost Vineyards

… to chronicles, viticulture was so successful that Walahfrid Strabo, the abbot from 842-849, had to import quite a number of workers to the island to help cultivate the vines.The success of the wines from…


Lorsch Abbey: Databank of Viticultural History

… of vineyard sites, donations, and property ownership. Thus, the Lorsch Codex became one of the most important databanks of viticultural history – and shows the importance the monasteries had for…


Bopparder Hamm: Rhine Wine Country's Largest Loop

… daily rations. In 643, viticulture was officially documented. To this day, wine has remained the most important trading commodity of the little town along the narrow Rhine gorge, or today’s Mittelrhein…


The wine trading center of Bacharach: Home of Roman god Bacchus

… left his mark on this city as on no other place: In the Middle Ages, Bacharach was one of the most important trading centers for wine. The reason for that was what is called "The Binger Loch" – a…


The City of Art Nouveau, Traben-Trarbach: Where once the Wine Trade bloomed

… Traben-Trarbach. Around the year 1900, the small city in the middle of the Mosel valley was the most important wine trading city of the world – with the exception of French Bordeaux.


The Open-Air Museum of Bad Sobernheim: The living history of viticulture

… the highest quantities of wines in Germany. Thus, viticulture and its historical culture are an important theme in the museum – presented as living history.Several old wine grower's houses, stemming from…


Wine City of Deidesheim: The Cradle of German Quality Wines

… also became famous as wine politicians: His grandson Ludwig Bassermann-Jordan took an important part in the reshaping of the German wine law in 1909 and was one of the founders of the…


The Monastery of Eberbach: Where the Monks made the Wine

… grapevines with them.  The Monastery of Eberbach soon grew to be one of the biggest and most important cloisters in Germany, also thanks to its wine. The grape variety of Pinot Noir, imported from…