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The Roman Wine of Speyer: The oldest Wine of the World that's still liquid

…This is the oldest wine of the world – and it is still liquid at its core. The Historical Museum of Palatinate in…


Wine City of Deidesheim: The Cradle of German Quality Wines

…In this city, the first wine of high quality range was made within the region of Palatinate and this city shaped German…


The Monastery of Eberbach: Where the Monks made the Wine

… in the area symbolizes a centuries of culture of wine making as the Monastery of Eberbach near the village…


Castle Johannisberg: Where the Spätlese was invented

… the Spätlese was born on these grounds.Since 817, wine is cultivated on these slopes, for the last 300 years…


The Wine Crane of Oestrich: Where the Wine went on a Journey

…It is the landmark of the wine city of Oestrich-Winkel: The crane for loading wine onto ships on the Rhine is the only…


Gegensätze verbinden: Ein Glas-Beton-Bau erschließt alte Klostermauern

… kurzer Zeit erhalten haben. Zum „Global Award Great Wine Capital 2012“, dem 1. Rang beim Gestaltungspreis der…


Kupferberg-Museum in Mainz: The multi-layered pleasure of Champagne

… date all the way back to Roman times such as wine amphoras, wine jugs and bowls, the oldest of which…


Niersteiner Glöck: The oldest vineyard site of Germany

… itself or because the bell-ringer was paid with wine from that vineyard, remains yet to be established.…


Vineyard Site Liebfrauenstift: As far as the Tower's Shadow reaches

…Abroad, this used to be the equivalent for German wine in general: the Liebfraumilch. The wine and the name have their…


A Picture Book made of Stone: A Photo Album for Wine

… or painted album pages that were devoted to wine or chase were the big fashion of the time. Right…