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The Calmont Vineyard: Where the Rock itself gives birth to Wine

…The Calmont Vineyard: Where the Rock itself gives birth to WineThere's no steeper slope even along the Mosel: With a…


The Ruins of the Monastery of Disibodenberg: Where the oldest grapevines grow

… from the 11th century on without pause. The wine estate and the ruins of the cloister are in possession…


Weinbaudomäne Niederhausen-Schloßböckelheim: The Copper Side of Riesling

… and rodents, above all the phylloxera. Many wine growers gave up, whole estates were abandoned. In this…


The Open-Air Museum of Bad Sobernheim: The living history of viticulture

… still today produces the highest quantities of wines in Germany. Thus, viticulture and its historical…


Villa Weilberg with Wine Press: Wine Making like the Romans

… the city of Bad Dürkheim: a two thousand year old wine press from Roman times. The wine press with its…


Rhodt unter Rietburg: Oldest Vineyard with Original Grapevines

… still bear fruit every year. The vineyard in the wine community of Rhodt unter Rietberg is said to have…


The Roman Wine of Speyer: The oldest Wine of the World that's still liquid

…This is the oldest wine of the world – and it is still liquid at its core. The Historical Museum of Palatinate in…


Wine City of Deidesheim: The Cradle of German Quality Wines

…In this city, the first wine of high quality range was made within the region of Palatinate and this city shaped German…


The Monastery of Eberbach: Where the Monks made the Wine

… in the area symbolizes a centuries of culture of wine making as the Monastery of Eberbach near the village…


Castle Johannisberg: Where the Spätlese was invented

… the Spätlese was born on these grounds.Since 817, wine is cultivated on these slopes, for the last 300 years…