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Weinbaudomäne Niederhausen-Schloßböckelheim: The Copper Side of Riesling

This hill has become famous for the prophetress Hildegard von Bingen, but the Disibodenberg in Odernheim on the Nahe river also has an ages old history of viticulture. Traces on the southern slope


The Open-Air Museum of Bad Sobernheim: The living history of viticulture

This is a panorama of viticulture, stretching from Medieval times up to today – and there's no better place to experience it all than the open-air museum of Bad Sobernheim on the Nahe river. Founded


Villa Weilberg with Wine Press: Wine Making like the Romans

Underneath a red roof, a true treasure of viticulture is hidden in the middle of the vineyards on the edge of the city of Bad Dürkheim: a two thousand year old wine press from Roman times. The wine


The Monastery of Eberbach: Where the Monks made the Wine

This might well be the cradle of viticulture in the Rheingau, since no other building in the area symbolizes a centuries of culture of wine making as the Monastery of Eberbach near the village of


Castle Johannisberg: Where the Spätlese was invented

This is legendary ground: The Castle of Johannisberg, near Geisenheim in the Rheingau, was the aim of a rider who acquired legendary fame – it was because of him that the Spätlese was born on these


Niersteiner Glöck: The oldest vineyard site of Germany

A historic charter proves it: the vineyard site "Niersteiner Glöck" is the oldest vineyard site in all Germany that is called by its name without pause. In 742, the Carolingian ruler


Vineyard Site Liebfrauenstift: As far as the Tower's Shadow reaches

Abroad, this used to be the equivalent for German wine in general: the Liebfraumilch. The wine and the name have their origin in the vineyard site with the name Liebfrauenstift which is situated


Kessler at Esslingen: Oldest Champagne Cellar in Germany

This champagne's godfather was none other than the most famous brand Veuve Cliquot: On July 1st, 1826, Georg Christian von Kessler founded the first champagne manufactory of Germany in Esslingen on


Planet Riesling

Weißwein der Spitzenklasse


Königin bis zum Morgengrauen

Königin bis zum MorgengrauenIm Jahr 2014 stellte Autor Paul Grote in Würzburg seinen neuesten Weinkriminalroman „Königin bis zum Morgengrauen“ vor. Grote hat im vorherigen Jahr die