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DWI wird für beste Marketing-Kampagne prämiert

… bewertete die "Germany's Top50 Wines" Kampagne als effektivste im…


A Museum for all the Senses

Since July 2016, the Vineum Bodensee – House for Wine, Culture and History in the historic Heilig-Geist-Spital of Meersburg - has enriched the cultural offering of the town. The 400-year old historic


The “Wine Island” of Reichenau: Germany’s Southernmost Vineyards

Germany's southernmost vineyards are cultivated on Reichenau, an island in the Bodensee, or Lake Constance. Today, Reichenau is better known as the "vegetable island", but it wasn’t always


Winklerberg Volcanic Rock Garden: Wines With a Volcanic Touch

In Ihringen, vines grow on the sloping remains of a 15-million-old, extinct volcano in the district known as the Kaiserstuhl. Winklerberg hill has everything an old volcano can offer: two lava flows,


Würzburg’s Weingut Bürgerspital and Steinwein: Bocksbeutel and Silvaner

One is Germany's oldest charitable foundation that owns a wine estate; the other is one of Germany's oldest vineyards bearing a site-specific name; and the two have been inextricably linked for


Juliusspital: Home of the Embossed Bocksbeutel

Probably the oldest depiction of a "Bocksbeutel" appears right in the middle of a 16th-century stone relief mounted on an exterior wall of the Juliusspital. Maybe it was meant to symbolize


Castell: Cradle of a “Successful Experiment”

April 6, 1659 was a milestone in the history of the Franconian village of Castell: Johann Georg Körner, the bailiff of the Count of Castell’s estate, had new vines planted at the foot of the


Bopparder Hamm: Rhine Wine Country's Largest Loop

The largest contiguous vineyard area of the Mittelrhein lies within Rhine wine country's largest loop: Bopparder Hamm, a vine-clad district of the town of Boppard on the Rhine. The name probably


Höhepunkte der Weinkultur Detailseite

They measure the progress of time throughout the day and they are as old as mankind: Up to the beginning of the 19th century, sundials were the yery synonym for watches – since there were no others.


Weinbaudomäne Niederhausen-Schloßböckelheim: The Copper Side of Riesling

This hill has become famous for the prophetress Hildegard von Bingen, but the Disibodenberg in Odernheim on the Nahe river also has an ages old history of viticulture. Traces on the southern slope