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Wine City of Deidesheim: The Cradle of German Quality Wines

… and this city shaped German wine politics to a large extent: there's hardly any other city in Germany which earns the label "Cradle of German Quality Wines" as much as Deidesheim.


The Monastery of Eberbach: Where the Monks made the Wine

…  The Monastery of Eberbach soon grew to be one of the biggest and most important cloisters in Germany, also thanks to its wine. The grape variety of Pinot Noir, imported from Pinot, became the first…


Castle Johannisberg: Where the Spätlese was invented

… viticulture, stemming from 1930, notes under the entry of Riesling succinctly: "Native country: Germany. Probably a variety from the Rheingau." In any case, one fact holds true: The Castle of…


The Wine Crane of Oestrich: Where the Wine went on a Journey

… is said to have been Maurus' residence, today, it is said to be the oldest stone house in Germany.Oestrich, however, took its name probably from its position in the east. Here, a range of wealthy…


Kupferberg-Museum in Mainz: The multi-layered pleasure of Champagne

… 2000 years old.It was the perfect ground for what once was the most famous champagne producer in Germany: In 1850, the export merchant Christian Adalbert Kupferberg founded the cellar under the name…


Niersteiner Glöck: The oldest vineyard site of Germany

…istoric charter proves it: the vineyard site "Niersteiner Glöck" is the oldest vineyard site in all Germany that is called by its name without pause. In 742, the Carolingian ruler Karlmann – successor to Karl…


Vineyard Site Liebfrauenstift: As far as the Tower's Shadow reaches

… founded in 1786. Valckenberg is proudly calling itself the oldest wine trading company in Germany that is still run by a family, the company still owns about 90 percent of the vineyard site around…


A Picture Book made of Stone: A Photo Album for Wine

… is on display in the Wine Museum of Speyer – it is the oldest still completely filled wine bottle in Germany. One bottle from the vintage of 1687 was actually opened and tasted in Berlin, the other bottle from…


The Vineyard Cottages of Saale-Unstrut– The Schweigenberg Ensemble

…hey are the landmark of the wine making region of Saale-Unstrut: the vineyard cottages. In no other region of Germany, there is such an amassment of these little cottages, huts and sometimes even villas that used to…


State Estate Schloss Wackerbarth: the oldest Champagne Cellar in Saxony

… is considered to be the oldest champagne manufacturer in Saxony – and the second oldest in all of Germany.The history of Castle Wackerbarth begins in 1727 when the Count of Wackerbarth bought the land and…