Premiere in Prague


The first 'Wines of Gemany CZ' presentation took place at the beginning of November in cooperation with the German Embassy in Prague. At the beginning of the week, 26 exhibitors presented German wine creations to the interested audience: Czech merchants, gastronomy/simmeliers and the press all showed great interest in the exhibitors and their fine wines.


It was a packed program for the German exhibitors at a historic location where history was once and still is being written.

After a short introduction to the Czech market, the participants gained insights into current political affairs of the Czech hosts from the economic attachée Dr. Alexander Puk.

Historic moment in a historic place

After the group photo - which, of course, could only take place on the balcony, on which the deceased Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher spoke the redemptive words of the opening of the German-German-border in 1989 - followed by a tasting of Czech wines, the main event started:

Over 150 restaurateurs, sommeliers, dealers and journalists followed the invitation to the embassy, ​​eager to learn more about German wines. From 5.30 p.m. onwards there was a seamless transition to the wine party. which took place under the patronage of Germany's Ambassador in Prague, Mr. Andreas Künne, and to which the Embassy and 'Wines of Germany CZ' had invited.

Top-class visitors, great interest in 'Wines of Germany'

More than 180 top-class visitors from business, embassy representatives and media representatives took the opportunity and came to find out more about German wines and also to buy them. Big thank you from Wines of Germany HQ to the embassy for opening up the premises and for their support all along.

Voices of the exhibitors (places got awarded by lottery)

"(...) the best DWI event I've ever been to, with the best event we've ever done. The presentation on market preparation was good. Visitors: very good, interested, constantly busy, not a minute idle, good wine scene in Prague, market is waiting for German wines, unique premises.
Christoph Thörle, Thörle winery

"Top organization, many contacts with restaurateurs, positive feedback for our wines"
Mr. Straub, Bergsträsser Winzer eG

"Great audience, competent visitors, right visitors, perfect organization"
Mr. Kirchner, Gut Hermannsberg

"Location, location, location, history meets future" Great audience, thank you "
Nicola Blanchard, German Wine Group

"Very good location, very interesting audience, dry Rieslings work, top organization, good preparation"
Dave Kressin, Winery on the Nile

"By far the best DWl event, top organization, quality of the visitors good, simply perfect"
Andreas Hütwohl, Winning Winery

"Very impressive location, special flair, very international audience"
Nadine Layer, Meier Winery

"Good to do, wine sold even without an importer, exciting market with development potential, contacts to importers"
Peter Griebeler, Heinrichshof winery

"Great, I'm thrilled" Milan Bartosik, Domaine Hugo,
Philipp Kuhn winery

"My importer - who is also here - is happy. 50% of the contacts we invited also came. The consumers and we are talking about consumers who buy more than 600 bottles a year. Good mix of retailers and restaurateurs. Great Event for us "
Maximilian Lehr, Knewitz Winery

"Very good organization, very excited about the future development of the market, market with potential, opportunities for German wines"
Iwan Kunisch, Reh Kendermann

"Great guests, great winery selection. good support, dinner together I think is good"
Lisa Bunn-Strebel, Lisa Bunn winery "

Thanks for the organization, it was great"
Johanna Lorenz, Lorenz Winery

"Thank you for everything and your great performance"
Gudrun Erbeldinger, Erbeldinger winery

"Much better than I expected, we sold a lot of wine"
Frank Gotthardt, Wine and Dine CZ

"The opportunity to present our wines in such a historic location is unique and a special experience. I think that everyone involved experienced that."
Andreas Winkelmann

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Group photo of the exhibitors to "Riesling, Pinot & Co" at a historic location - on the balcony of the German Embassy in Prague. Here the late Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher spoke the redemptive words of opening up and safe conduct on the German-German border in 1989.

fltr: Economic attachée Dr. Alexander Puk, DWI consultant Ulrike Bahm, Andreas Künne, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague

Economic attachée Dr. Alexander Puk