Ahrwein goes Metaverse - Record price for a German wine


The Ahrwein region is breaking new grounds. One year after the flood disaster, the initiators of the successful fundraising-campaign "Flutwein" plan to bring the Ahrwein region as a whole to the Metaverse in order to continue to support the reconstruction.

Flood Wine #14 as NFT

The starting signal was given on 14th July with the auction of No. 14 - one of the 99 hand-numbered Flutwein-bottles at a price of 30,000 Euros. It was also available as an NFT. The two campaign-initiators Daniel Koller and Peter Kriechel are are delighted to have achieved a new record price for a  German wine on the anniversary of the flood disaster. The proceeds will go to the association "AHR - A wine region needs Help for Rebuilding e.V."

New: The "museum of modern ahrts"

An even bigger project will soon follow this auction: The "museum of modern ahrts". It will contain objects that tell touching stories of the flood night and will be unveiled in August as a physical memorial as well as the linchpin of the new Ahr metaverse. As Daniel Koller further emphasizes, the project should also give the large solidahrity movement in Germany a permanent space in the metaverse, which is preserved forever in the blockchain by transferring the objects to NFTS.

Peter Kriechel, wine-grower and chairman of the Ahrwein e.V., emphasizes that the Ahrwein region should also recognize and use the reconstruction as an opportunity. "With the step into the Metaverse, we want to contribute both to long-term support for Ahr wine producers and to a repositioning of the Ahr as a particularly innovative wine region," explains Kriechel.


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Abbildung des NFTs der handnummerierten Flutwein-Flasche Nr. 14