Wines of Germany USA Launches Prost Every Moment Campaign


The German Wine Institute's US-agency has launched a new integrated marketing campaign entitled "Prost Every Moment" that seeks to celebrate all of life’s moments with some added German flare.

Prost Every Moment takes the concept of toast every moment and makes it undeniably German, compellingwine drinkers looking for a comforting escape or an energizing adventure to try something new, reconnect with friends and family, treat themselves, and pair everyday moments with the perfect German wine. (video)

Make the most of every moment

The campaign encourages U.S. consumers to make the most of every moment - no matter what’s going on in the world or their lives - with German wines that can complement any occasion. "In Germany, we drink wine with all of life’s celebrations big and small, so we’re excited to bring that same celebratory ethos to the U.S.," says Monika Reule, Managing Directorof the Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine Institute). "Germany’s 13 wine regions have so much to offer - from our electric Riesling to sultry Spätburgunder to effervescent Sekt."

The multi-channel campaign will run across Wines of Germany’s diverse array of programming - from an information hub and quizwhere people can discover their perfect pairing to social content and videosto events and promotions with wine retailers all across the country. The first three retail promotions include partnerships with nationally, Fine Wine & Good Spiritsin Pennsylvania, and Binny’s Beverage Depotin Illinois.

Discover the unique versatility and pairability of German wines

As wine sales in the U.S. continue to grow, this new campaign aims to engage U.S. consumers in discovering the unique versatility and pairability of German wines. Germany has a rich history and heritage in winemaking with celebrated winemakers, terroirs,and styles. The 13 wine growing regions produce dozensof grape varieties and a wide range of styles.

The campaign aims to showcase the country’s modern, youthful and vibrant culture, whilebeing fun and memorable for consumers, eager to try new things. To learn more about Wines of Germany or the Prost Every Moment campaign, visit

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source: Wines of Germany USA

source: Wines of Germany USA

source: Wines of Germany USA