Why Wines of Germany USA Is Betting on Jermaine Stone


The successful "Wine & Hip Hop TV" entrepreneur Jermaine Stone is expanding its reach in the USA through videos, street culture and music. This is how a more inclusive world of wine is being created on the initiative of 'Wines of Germany USA', reports Dorothy J. Gaiter from

While many in the wine industry have spent the past year feverishly looking for ways to expand their wine audiences, American Jermaine Stone has playfully done just that.

German Pinot Noir and Jamaican beef pies

As part of "Wine & Hip Hop TV" - his latest idea to bring fine wines closer to his fan base - the native "Boy from the Bronx" spent the last few months working with Terrence Riley in New York neighborhoods. The US agency of the German Wine Institute (DWI), Wines of Germany USA, support their work. In the new show, called Tasting Notes from the Streets, the two pair great bottles with street food and talk music as well as personalities from the hip-hop and wine industries alike.

In an early episode, the couple in the Bronx drink German Pinot Noir with Jamaican beef pâté. It brings highly produced visuals to the party and is slated to air in June.

Metaphors for taste

"You share a bottle of wine, just like music," says Jermaine Stone. Both theme worlds have the opportunity to connect people from different areas of life. Rappers paint pictures with their texts, as do sommeliers, e.g. when they create wine lists; they give you metaphors for taste. "


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