Utrecht: Journey to German Wines in the Train Museum


In mid-September, after a two-year pandemic break, the Riesling, Pinot & Co table presentation was held again in the Netherlands. It took place for the first time in the train museum of Utrecht and enthused some 300 visitors to embark on a journey to German wines (see photos).


Masterclasses for 150 wine experts

"Riesling Fellow" Lars Daniels, managing editor of the leading Dutch wine magazine Perswijn, and Professor Ulrich Fischer held two master classes in front of 150 professional visitors. Afterwards, during the table presentation in the afternoon, a total of 300 visitors to "Riesling, Pinot & Co" were able to taste over 200 wines from the 13 German growing regions. Some 22 estates and 11 importers showcased their wines.

Dutch professionals donate for Ahr region

Following these specialist events, Lars Daniels and book author Gerd Brabant presented Ulrike Bahm from the German Wine Institute (DWI) a donation check for EUR 26,337.48. The money was raised through various campaigns by empathic Dutch traders and was donated to benefit the winegrowers in the Ahr region that were badly affected by the floods in mid july 2021.

The DWI would like to thank all Dutch and international partners for their commitment in supporting the Ahr Valley.

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