Testimonies of the Flood Catastrophe in the "Museum of Modern Ahrts"


With the "museum of modern ahrts", an art object with a unique design was presented to the public on February 10th. The inauguration of the "museum in the smallest of spaces" took place in the historic St. Laurentius Church in Ahrweiler, where the traces of the flood can still be seen everywhere.




As a "time capsule" in the form of a transparent cube weighing almost four tons, it preserves objects that seem to be floating in "eternal water" telling emotional stories of the flood night in the Ahr Valley and the unprecedented SolidAHRity movement that followed. The edge length of 1,407 meters is reminiscent of the date of the flood night almost two years ago on July 14th. As a physical and mobile memorial and as the linchpin of the new Ahr metaverse, it is intended to keep the memory of the flood catastrophe alive for future generations.

Artifacts as silent contemporary witnesses

The "museum of modern ahrts" is the result of a more than one year's initiative. With the support of those affected by the flood, aid organizations, local companies, journalists and countless helpers, irreplaceable artefacts and their stories were collected, which were artistically preserved in the "Cube" as silent contemporary witnesses.

Part of a new NFT & Metaverse strategy

The "museum of modern ahrts" is also part of a new NFT* & Metaverse strategy for the Ahr wine region. The starting signal for this project was Flutwein-Flasche Nr. 14, which achieved the record price of 30,000 Euros in an auction on July 14th, 2022.

Peter Kriechel, winemaker and chairman of the Ahrwein e.V., emphasizes that the Ahrwein region should also recognize and use the reconstruction as an opportunity. "With the step into the Metaversum, we want to contribute both to long-term support for Ahr wine producers and to a repositioning of the Ahr as a particularly innovative wine region," explains Kriechel. Similar to Flutwein Flasche No. 14, which is also part of the exhibition, interested parties can participate in the further development of #momahr by purchasing NFTs in the future.

Nationwide campaign

With the support of strong partners, the memorial is also intended to draw attention to the situation in the Ahr Valley via a nationwide campaign in various media formats and to promote the dialogue on how catastrophes and their consequences can be better managed in the future.

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