Stock declined: Good sales of German wines


The good wine sales have caused stocks in Germany to decline. As of July 31, 2021, 11.5 million hectoliters were stored in this country. This is 7,3 percent less wine and sparkling wine than in the same period of the previous year, as the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced on the basis of a publication by the Federal Statistical Office on the wine stock situation in Germany.


In the last five years, stocks were only lower in 2018, when 11.1 million hectoliters of wine and sparkling wine were stored in this country on the same reference date, which was due to the below-average previous year's yield.

Inventories fell 6.4 percent

The pure wine stocks amounted to 9.3 million hectoliters and fell by 6.4 percent, while the stocks of sparkling wines were reduced somewhat more at 10.8 percent and comprised 2.2 million hectoliters.

Producers and trade each hold half of stocks

The trade and the producers each kept around half of the wine and sparkling wine stocks. Around 70 percent of them came from domestic production and were divided into 62 percent white wine and 38 percent red wine.

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