Rain of medals over German wines in the Vinordic Wine Challenge 2022


Wines from Germany were awarded 20 medals at this year's competition, eight of them gold. All wines belong either to the fixed assortment of Systembolaget or to the order assortment.

At the beginning of April, the winners of the Vinordic Wine Challenge 2022 were awarded. This year's jury chose Sweden's most affordable wines from the Systembolaget assortment, divided into 12 categories. With almost 1100 submissions, a new record was achieved. The Vinordic Wine Challenge is Sweden's largest wine competition.

At this year's edition, the German wines performed excellently with 20 medals compared to 12 last year. Eight medals were gold medals compared to five in the previous year. German wines have long had a strong position in the white wine segment. This year, however, in addition to eleven white wine medals, they won five medals in the red wine segment, two in the rosé wine segment and two out of three medals in the non-alcoholic wine segment. This shows the great diversity and quality of Germany as a wine country .

The Vinordic Wine Challenge is about finding Sweden's cheapest wines each year. The wines compete in different competition categories and price ranges. A winner will be selected in each prize category, who will receive the Gold Trophy award. A "Silver Trophy" and a "Bronze Trophy" will also be awarded. The categories are white wines in a box, white wine in bottles, rosé wines in box, rosé wine in bottles, rosé sparkling wine (incl. champagne), sparkling wine, champagne, red box wines, red wine in bottles, white eco wines, red eco wines, Swedish wines and non-alcoholic fruit drinks*.

All wines offered for sale in Sweden on March 1, 2022 at Systembolaget or via the order assortment have the opportunity to participate in the competition* on equal terms. The competition was EU-certified in 2006 and winners can use the competition stickers both on bottle labels and in advertising.

The jury of this year's event consisted of a number of well-known wine connoisseurs:

Bengt-Göran Kronstam, competition chairman and tasting moderator, recognized wine journalist; Gunilla Hultgren Karell, wine author for Expressen, Allt om vin, Matmagasinet and others; Susanne Berglund Krantz, wine expert, wine author and wine blogger; Jan Rosborn, wine consultant and lecturer at Restaurant Academy; Claes Löfgren, wine author and wine photographer; Magnus Waern, author and chairman of the Swedish Association of Wine Authors; Ulf Engelhardt, sommelier; Sofia Ander, wine author; Linda Pérez, wine author in SvD, trained in Grythyttan, worked with Mathias Dahlgren, Mistral & Esperanto; Fredrik Schelin, wine writer and champagne connoisseur and Anders Melldén, wine journalist and lecturer at the Wine Source.

The following German wines were awarded medals:

Red wine 70-79kr: Bronze - Ruppertsberger Imperial Pinot Noir, 79kr (nr 2974)

Red wine 100-119kr: Bronze - Waltz Pinot Noir,  119kr (nr 54065)

Red wine 180-199kr: Silver - Phillip Kuhn Pinot Noir tradition, 189kr (nr 74134)

Red wine 250-299kr: Gold - Karl May Geyersberg Pinot Noir, 250kr (nr 55068)

White wine 80-89kr: Gold - Hans Baer, Riesling Trocken, 89kr (nr 76934)

White wine 100-119kr: Gold - Von Winning Riesing, 119kr (nr 79393)

White wine 100-119kr: Silver - Calles Riesling, 119kr (nr 72153)

White wine120-139kr: Gold - Von Winning Win Win, 139kr (nr 79394)

White wine 140-169kr: Silver - Leitz Magic Mountain Rüdesheimer Riesling, 159kr (nr 70626)

White wine 140-169kr: Bronze – Kloster Eberbach Steinberger trocken,169kr (nr 79910)

White wine 170-199kr: Silver -  Kloster Eberbach Single Vineyard M, 189kr (nr 81546)

Rosé wine <79kr: Silver – R Pinot Noir organic rosé, 79kr (nr 50799)

Rosé wine >100kr: Bronze – Claes Rosé feinherb, 134kr (nr 79885)

Organic wines:

Red wine >130kr: Gold – Fronhof Pinot Noir, 249kr (nr 70787)

White wine <79kr: Gold – R Riesling Organic, 99kr (nr 78596)

White wine 80-99kr: Silver – Ruppertsberger Imperial Cuvée organic, 85kr (nr 2801)


White wine >300kr/3lit: Gold – Ruppertsberger Imperial Riesling Organic, 209kr/2lit (nr 72835)

White wine >300kr/3lit: Bronze – Vongrawen Morgenstern Riesling, 329kr/2lit (nr 53116)


 +40 kr: Gold – Leitz Ein Zwei Zero Riesling Alcohol Free, 69kr (nr 11901)

Silver -  Leitz Ein Zwei Zero Rosé Alcohol Free, 69kr (nr 19024)