Media reach of The German Wine Institute rises to 1,54 billion readers


The German Wine Institute (DWI) increased its media presence and thus the attention for domestic wines again. As the annual analysis by the Presse-Monitor Association (PMG) of more than 4,000 print and online media shows, the DWI was mentioned in 9,300 articles in print and online media.

These resulted in a total reach of 1.54 billion readers. This corresponds to an increase in reach of 14 percent compared to the previous year (see graphic).

TV-show episodes "Wine First!" on Mosel and Rheingau

Domestically, another audience of millions was reached through reporting in 22 TV and radio reports in which DWI employees had their say in person in 2021. Also, the airing of two tv-show episodes called "Wine First!" in the US Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) promoted the awareness for German wines in the biggest export market.

Growing hits through app, social media and portals

The websites managed by the DWI also enjoyed growing access figures in the past year. The Wines of Germany's HQ portals , ,   (i.e. ) and  (to name just a few) reached a broad public with more than two million hits in 2021.

Mobile access to German wine topics was furhter boosted by the app "Deutsche Weine" (German language), which already has more than 8.000 installations. The strong social media presence of the DWI and the German Wine Ambassadors as well as campaigns such as topical weeks on Instagram and Facebook or award-programs for wine shops and other multipliers brought additional readers to the DWI pages.

Estates are greatly interested to leave digital traces

In addition to knowledge and service topics - certainly also due to the pandemic - the most popular topics and content on the DWI homepage included online events on regional wines from Germany's 13 growing regions. Estates are greatly interested to be present on DWI platform with their contact details, information on events, offers as well as other services in order to improve their Google ranking and discoverability.

App "Deutsche Weine" (German language) via Apple und Google


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