EcoWinner: Best organic wines of the year awarded


At the 27th ECOVIN EcoWinner competition, 95 wines won medals in 14 categories. An independent expert jury tasted and rated 442 organic wines in Oppenheim on June 21st.

Around 80 organic wineries had applied with their wines for the 'Ecowinner'-award. However, only the top 20 percent of a wine category could win the EcoWinner medal – provided they had achieved at least 85 out of a possible 100 points in the blind tasting. (pdf list)

"I see organic wine more and more freely"

The EcoWinner jury 2022 consisted of 37 experts and was again headed by the oenologist and wine journalist Dagmar Ehrlich. "Of course, acidity is more present in the wines of the 2021 vintage than in previous years. All in all, I can taste the young wine scene in the competition, which is educating itself internationally, trying things that wines no longer squeeze into a standardized corset. I see organic wine more and more freely,” says Dagmar Ehrlich, summing up this year's tasting.

The largest tasting group at EcoWinner 2022 was dry and semi-dry white wines from classic grape varieties. With a total of 171 wines entered, they accounted for more than a third of the competition. But wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties were also disproportionately represented with 58 competitors (more than 13 percent). PIWI wines currently only grow on three percent of the German vineyard area.

List of EcoWinner wines 2022 (pdf-download)

The order of the winning wines within a category corresponds to the tasting order.

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