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German Wines & Asian Flavours in Oslo

The presentation of the new 52-page booklet attracted more than 60 Norwegian Wine Professionals. After the first appearence last november and the successfull debut in Oslo, february 3rd 2012, the tour will continue with more destinations throughout the world.

On november 4th 2011, the German Wine Institute had unveiled its new book on pairing German wines with eight different Asian cuisines. The book, written by award-winning author and Master of Wine, Jeannie Cho Lee, is the culmination of a year long collaboration that aims to provide a better understanding of how authentic Asian flavours can be enjoyed with the refreshing array of wines from Germany.

"Perfect Pairings: German Wines and Asian Flavours" provides a fresh new Asian perspective on how the flavours and styles of German wines impact eight different major Asian cuisines. Lee uses her wealth of wine knowledge and deep appreciation of Asian cuisine to introduce German wines to the Asian table.

Perfect Pairings: German Wines and Asian Flavours (Author: Jeannie Cho Lee MW)The author's perspective is from the view of preserving local, authentic flavours and always being mindful of keeping the integrity of the flavours as intended by the chef. With her background as a Cordon Bleu graduate and her love for cooking Asian food, Lee uses her understanding of wine to guide people towards ‘perfect pairings’.

This 52-page book is filled with photographs of popular Asian dishes and groups together the most commonly repeated flavour combinations for each cuisine. German wine suggestions are provided for each flavour combination with easy to understand explanations as to why the styles are chosen.

The book clearly showcases Lee's understanding and appreciation of both the rich culinary traditions of Asia and the unique world of German wine.

Perfect Pairings is a celebration of how compatible Asian flavours can be with wine. Lee says, “Germany is a country filled with a wide variety of wine options from red wines, which make up more than one-third of their production, to white wines which range from dry to sweet. But two characteristics that make German wines so compatible with Asian flavours are their wonderful, refreshing acidity and vibrant flavours – a result of their favourable cool climate geographical location.” Lee adds, “Two of the most important German grape varieties, Riesling and Pinot Noir, are perfect companions to many Asian cuisines so this book was a joy to write.”

Monika Reule, Managing Director of the German Wine Institute affirmed this positive partnership and said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Jeannie on this book, given her authority on this subject in helping expand people’s appreciation for German wines, as well as providing useful information about Asian cuisine."

About the German Wine Institute

The Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine Institute) was founded in 1949 and is the central communication and marketing organization of the German wine industry. Its primary responsibility is to promote the quality and sales of German wine through generic marketing measures at home and abroad.

Primarily, this consists of press work and public relations; implementation of informational campaigns, including appropriate events; participation in national and international trade fairs, as well as organisation of wine presentations and events throughout the world in cooperation with German wine producers. In addition, the German Wine Institute regularly provides information services and publishes informative brochures, publications and promotional materials; conducts training programs and seminars, particularly for the wine trade and hospitality industry, as well as market research; and advises the wine industry on questions related to domestic and international sales promotion. Valuable information on all aspects of German wine and the activities of the German Wine Institute are available on Internet at:

About Jeannie Cho Lee MW

Jeannie Cho Lee is the first Asian Master of Wine and one of the world’s foremost wine experts. Jeannie was born in South Korea but has lived in Hong Kong since early 1994. She is a Contributing Editor for Decanter UK and a weekly columnist for Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post and Mainland China’s China Business News. Jeannie also writes monthly columns for Noblesse China, Noblesse South Korea and Decanter Taiwan. For nearly two decades, Jeannie has been a regular contributor to notable wine publications around the world including Wine Spectator, Wine Business International, The World of Fine Wine and Revue du Vin.

Jeannie’s expertise is sought by numerous companies such as Singapore Airlines™ where Jeannie is a Wine Consultant, involved in selecting the wines served on all routes. She is also a Wine Consultant for the Galaxy Macau resort where she oversees the master wine list for nearly fifty, mostly Asian, food and beverage outlets. She holds a Certificat de Cuisine from Cordon Bleu and her love for food and wine inspired her to found, a site that celebrates the confluence of Asian food and wine.

Jeannie is a sought-after speaker, wine judge and educator, who is very much involved in the regional Asian wine community. She travels regularly to report on market trends in the region and is an active member of the local chapters of the Commanderie de Bordeaux, the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin and L’Ordre des Côteaux de Champagne.

Asian Palate, Jeannie’s first book, won many prestigious publishing awards, including the highly regarded International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) award, the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV) award and the Gourmand award for “Best Book in the World for Matching Food and Wine”.  According to Gourmand Award president, Edouard Cointreau, it is “a masterpiece which will become a classic reference due to its outstanding quality”.

Jeannie’s second book, Mastering Wine for the Asian Palate was just released in June 2011 and the Chinese version of her first book, Asian Palate, was launched in Mainland China in October 2011.

To celebrate the publication of Perfect Pairings, the German Wine Institute and Jeannie Cho Lee MW will be hosting events in major cities around the world including New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Oslo, Zurich, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Perfect Pairings is available from the German Wine Institute. To find out how to obtain a copy, please contact:

Manuela Liebchen
Project Manager
Asia, The Netherlands, Belgium
Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH
Gutenbergplatz 3-5
D-55116 Mainz

Email: / Find perfect paring tool

To find out more about the book or the events scheduled to celebrate Perfect Pairings, please contact:
Antonia Wong, Associate
Asian Palate
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2815 2908
Fax: (852) 2815 2013


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